What We Offer

Personal Training

One-on-one Private Training with a Licensed, professional, personal trainer to help you obtain your goals. Each session tailored to meet your needs whether you're just starting out or a pro athlete.

Group Fitness Sessions

Workout in a group of Motivating, Uplifting, Supportive, Non-judgmental people. No two sessions are the same and are lead by a Licensed Professional. Check out our schedule!

Fitness Challenges

Test your limits and join our Fitness Challenges. They are a true test of determination, perseverance, and self-discipline with the help of a motivating community and supportive team.

UFB Recovery

Available as one-on-one or small group appointments, these 30 minute sessions include Active Stretching, Deep Tissue Massage, and Cupping with our Manual Therapy Specialist.

UFB Field Days

Join us for an outdoor Group Fitness Session with the beautiful Rose Bowl in Pasadena as our backdrop. FREE for UFB Members & ONLY $5 for Non Members.


A Martial Arts practice designed to achieve efficiency. All the moves are active and functional and taught by international Master Instructor, Sifu Shuny Bee.

What We Support

Community Events
Community Events

Field Days

100 Miles 4 Life
100 Miles 4 Life

10% of UFB Profits Support The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention


"I realized that I haven't written a review and I've been going to Coach Mike for a year and a half.
I love it! He kicks my ass every week and I know for sure that my whole body gets worked through cos it hurts everywhere 2 days later. In a good way you know.
There's 101 ways to work a muscle group and Mike knows 102 of them. Always keeping the workouts fresh and never the same.
He keeps track of my progress from day 1 and I know he has a plan for me.

I would highly recommend this place to anyone who want to have a coach who really cares about you and your progress."

Oskar W.

"I have taken several fitness classes and none have nearly been as great as this one. The workouts given are effective, but not to the point you feel unable to move for a week. They also give alternate versions for beginners. I have never felt off, like I didn't belong there, or someone was judging me. Never lost on what I should be doing. Which are ways I have felt at other classes. The energy is amazing. You don't need your own music because the playlist is always good. Every time I finish a class, I feel so great. It makes me want to make better meal choices. This class has definitely been a good way for me to start working out again."

Ashley S.

"My partner and I LOVE UFB! Coach Mike provides the knowledge and the motivation you need to improve your fitness. Training with UFB has improved my strength, endurance, & mood- I can't put a price on that! UFB follows COVID safety precautions to a T so you're safe here with 1:1 training or outdoor group fitness."