On September 10, 2021, World Suicide Prevention Day, Coach Mike with the support of family, friends, and UFB clients, ran 100 miles in 24 hours around the historic Rose Bowl Stadium to raise awareness for Suicide Prevention and to honor his sister, Victoria, who tragically took her own life in 2015.  The goal was to raise money to donate to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention www.afsp.org.  The run ended September 11 (also his sister, Victoria’s birthday).  

Each mile was dedicated to a different life that has been affected by suicide.  Ultimate Fitness Breakthrough continues to strive to combine the importance of physical health with mental health.  10% of our profits go back to Suicide Prevention.  When you workout with us at UFB, you’re giving back!  To donate or to see more upcoming events, go to www.100miles4life.org

“This run is personal for me – having lost my sister to suicide, my father struggled with his mental illness ending in his tragic passing as well” said Coach Mike, who now owns the gym founded by his sister.  “If this run can help one person – especially now when the pandemic has caused more people to consider ending their lives, it will be worth it.”

“All the pain that I’ve been through fuels my Passion to push myself beyond my limits. I’m running in the dark to show others there is a way through hard times, and if they just hold on a little longer – things can get better!” 

-Coach Mike