Victoria Ainis is the founder and continuing inspiration of Ultimate Fitness Breakthrough. Her life was cut short in 2015, but her passion and love for health and fitness lives on through our continued focus and commitment to living the best lives we can every single day.

Victoria knew that hard work and dedication leads to success; through consistent motivation and discipline she transformed her own body from average and unfit to professionally fit at the state and national competitive level.  She won 2nd place at her first competition; 2012 GNC California State Championships – Bikini D, 2nd Place. She placed 3rd at the 2014 NPC Washington IRONMAN Naturally Fitness Championships.

A globetrotter, philanthropist, dancer, fitness model and athlete, who grew up all over the world, Victoria planted her roots in the Pasadena area where she hoped to help others find the personal fitness results they want.

It was Victoria’s own frustration with what she found in the fitness world that led her to open up her own fitness business and studio right here.

She was always fascinated by fitness and the human ability to sculpt our bodies and minds with willpower and a consistent, dedicated work ethic. For her it was not about spending hours at the gym or counting calories, it was about engaging in a healthy and holistic lifestyle. For Victoria, fitness was about getting the results we want in an effective and realistic way.

Her goal and inspiration for Ultimate Fitness Breakthrough was  to make everyone feel amazing, beautiful, and confident, while teaching them how to create a better and healthier lifestyle so they can stay in amazing shape and enjoy their lives to the full.

All who knew her will vouch that Victoria was a force to be reckoned with, and positively impacted the lives of thousands throughout her lifetime. Her Vision continues to transform lives.