Meet the Team

About Michael Ainis

Gym Owner, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor

Michael Ainis had his own transformation 7 years ago through the methods and strategies of his sister, Victoria. It was through this transformation, physically and mentally, that a passion was ignited in him to pass this on to others.

Michael Ainis aspires to inspire others to make a positive, healthy change in their lives and become the spark that leads them to changing their lifestyle and their part of the world.

As a dynamic Motivational Coach, Group and Personal Trainer, Michael has been named the West Coast Workout Lead for the Spartan Workout Tour, where he leads thousands of both entry level to elite Spartans training for their next Spartan Race. His strong talent to lead is paralleled through his personal ranking in the Top 150 Elite Male Spartans.


Our UFB trainers

Sara Dave

Sara is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Dynamic Group Instructor at UFB. She has loved being a part of the UFB team since 2011! As a child, Sara struggled to overcome weight gain provoked by the limitations of asthma. Over time, she developed a lifestyle routine that worked for her.

She fell in love with Boot Camp style workouts because they’re different, challenging and burn a ton of calories. She has personally lost 30 pounds since joining the UFB Family. This has given her an understanding of what it takes to be committed to achieving to one’s goals.

She is passionate about transforming the lives of others through fitness and proper nutrition. During her free time, Sara loves working out, running, and obstacle course racing.

Her fitness motto, “Stay Focused, Fit, and Happy!”


Gracie Gaspara

Gracie is a NASM certified trainer at UFB and has been a member since 2011 when she was a junior in high school. Gracie has played sports and been active her whole life, but after joining UFB, she learned the importance of health and nutrition and has become passionate about sharing that knowledge with others.

Gracie is now working toward her Bachelor’s in Kinesiology, as well as her certification in weight loss nutrition. In her free time, Gracie enjoys working out, spending time with her family and animals, and creating long-lasting relationships with our UFB family.